X-Minus Pro AI Vocal Remover + Alternative


X-Minus Pro AI is the best free online vocal remover tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to isolate the vocals of songs. While initially created as a way for users to create karaoke songs, it has since expanded its purpose by being used to remove background music, noises, and lyrics from a song. While using this program is simple and requires little technical expertise, some minor sound artifacts may still appear during more vocalized moments of a song.

A dedicated vocal removal software for Windows/Mac/online is the best solution. It will offer more precise control and let you edit the track according to your liking; plus, it’ll save your work in whatever format suits you best!

Remove Vocals from a Song

Instead of offering preset and generic results, this service takes any song’s vocal and instrumental tracks. It separates them into separate files – typically within 10-15 seconds! These files can then be downloaded for use with various media applications.

This online app employs cutting-edge AI technology to extract vocals from songs and separate their instrumental tracks. It offers users MP3, M4A, or WAV output formats and customizable pitch and tempo controls for output tracks. Ideal for musicians, DJs, and karaoke enthusiasts alike!

Exploring the Future of Voice Technology

Change Pitch or Tempo

If you need to alter the pitch of a song or audio without altering its tempo, X-Minus Pro AI is an excellent choice. Upload your file and use its sliders until you achieve the desired results – simple and fast. However, its main limitation is not being able to upload files with high-quality output (HQ quality files can’t be uploaded).

This online tool offers the same functions as its counterpart, X-Minus Pro MP3, eliminating the need to install multiple applications for different purposes. It provides features including vocal removal from songs and exporting them in formats like MP3, WAC, and AAC for your convenience.

This X-minus pro alternative allows singers to alter the pitch of any track, which can be particularly helpful in honing singing skills. The tool uses artificial intelligence to divide vocal tracks from instrumental tracks before creating two versions: one karaoke version and one acapella featuring isolated vocals.

X-Minus.pro AI vocal remover software app is free and available from any computer or mobile device, processing up to 10 seconds of music in a single session and supporting various languages.

X-Minus Pro Alternative

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is an excellent alternative to X-Minus Pro that provides lossless vocal extraction with speedy AI processing and allows for exporting instrumental and vocal tracks separately for karaoke purposes, providing more control of the final output. Furthermore, this free tool supports multiple audio formats and makes an excellent choice among audio enthusiasts worldwide; additionally, it’s user-friendly with high-quality results, making this an excellent solution for creating your karaoke version of songs.

Music producers can access numerous online vocal removal tools, but only some truly excel. EaseUS’s free online vocal remover stands out by offering lossless processing with an intuitive user interface, supporting multiple audio formats and other useful features for music production.

PhonicMind, an AI-powered audio processing platform specializing in voice and instrument isolation, offers many useful features for music producers, from classic effects such as reverb and compression to advanced ones like vocal extraction and spectral analysis. Plus, PhonicMind can identify any similarity between an original song and its remix versions for on-the-fly mixing!

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