PPSPY The Ultimate Analytics and Dropshipping AI Tool

PPSPY is an online tool that enables users to quickly gain an overview of the stores and best-selling products of competitors while tracking real sales live, revealing unseen apps driving sales, and downloading reviews. We’ll also discuss the potential that AI in dropshipping and how features of PPSPY. Shopify Spy and AI tools will transform your business.

The tool provides a Shopify inspector feature, offering detailed store information. This includes their theme, name, first and latest product times, region/city location/language currency usage, and product quantities.

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PPSPY is an e-commerce spying tool that lets you investigate competitors’ stores and top-selling products. Its various useful features, such as market research, sales tracking, and traffic analysis, can also help identify winning dropshipping products – unlike rival tools like Unispy or Shine Commerce, which only provide one set of features for analysis.

These tools enable you to identify winning products, track sales performance and analyze pricing strategies, track competitors’ apps, which may provide useful insights for improving processes, study competitors’ apps for improved techniques in your organization, and more!

Noting the potential legality of spy applications like PPSPY requires caution; using one without the prior consent of those being monitored is often illegal in many countries, so its use should only be undertaken when legally permitted, such as by parents watching the activities of their children or employers with permission from employees.


PPSPY is an all-in-one Shopify dropshipping tool with features for store research, sales tracking, and traffic analysis. Furthermore, this app reveals secret apps driving sales for competitors’ stores so you can optimize your store more effectively – an indispensable asset when competing in online retail! PPSPY can help online sellers stay ahead of their rivals in e-commerce.

ppspy track Competitor

PPSPY also allows users to track competitors’ stores by product type and vendor and live sales activity and remotely access text/call messages as multimedia files – making this software an excellent way for parents to monitor their children’s online activity or employers to monitor employee phone usage.

PPSPY also allows users to download unlimited products and images when creating new listings on their store and can reveal hidden Shopify reviews from real customers.


PPSPY is a Chrome extension designed to give users tools to monitor competitors. Its purpose is to enable entrepreneurs to optimize their dropshipping stores and gain a competitive edge; features of this tool include sales analysis, product research, and live orders monitoring – helping you figure out what works for others so you can apply these techniques on your site.

This tool is available for various devices and operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. It is used to monitor texts, calls, and social media accounts, as well as monitor children’s online activities. However, be mindful that using it without the consent of the target person can cause privacy and legal issues.

PPSPY offers various pricing plans, from free versions to enterprise plans for larger teams. Other competitors, such as Unspy and Shine Commerce, provide similar features.

Pricing Plan

PPSPY offers Four pricing plans to cater to different business needs:

ppspy pricing plan

  • 1. Basic:
  • 2. Advanced:
  • 3. Unlimited:
  • 4. Enterprise:

PPSPY is an all-in-one Shopify spy tool designed to give insights into your competitors’ stores and best-selling products, helping you identify winners and improve strategies. Furthermore, this tool lets you track competitor sales data and analyze traffic. Moreover, this spy tool also details any apps your competitors may use to boost sales.

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