Give ChatGPT Internet Access

How to Give ChatGPT Internet Access Through a Chrome Extension

If you use Chrome browser, Give ChatGPT Internet Access through a free extension to search the internet for answers and provide accurate, timely responses to you.

Prior to this upgrade, ChatGPT only could answer questions with information available in its database. Now it can also search the web in real time – something premium users will particularly benefit from.

WebChatGPT Chrome Extension

The WebChatGPT Chrome Extension is a free add-on for ChatGPT that adds the power of the internet into your conversations. When you pose a query, this tool will search the web for relevant answers, often complete with citations to ensure authenticity, and can even be filtered by topic or date. Furthermore, its toggle feature enables or disables internet access whenever necessary reverting ChatGPT to its original state whenever needed.

Set up is simple and requires no coding knowledge; once activated, the extension begins providing answers immediately – whether for research assistance when writing essays or as a coding buddy by searching the Internet for programming rules and documentation.

Another useful feature of the plugin is its capability of providing an end-to-end video transcript and summary for any YouTube video, news story, or event, saving you the time of watching all clips yourself. Furthermore, this functionality can also help explain any text on websites, highlight paragraphs in books or articles for ChatGPT to summarize, and much more!

2. Web ChatGPT Plugin

As is often the case with chatbots, ChatGPT needs some assistance in order to do its job well. Third-party plugins come in handy here – they enable ChatGPT to integrate with external services and broaden its capability spectrum. For instance, its EZ extension lets you easily add search results directly into prompts by just typing your query; once connected it will pull pertinent data from across the web before interpreting and simplifying it just like its creator does so well!

The Chrome extension allows you to set how many search results ChatGPT should consider before responding, with three being generally optimal. Furthermore, you have complete control of where and when ChatGPT retrieves search results so your queries remain accurate. Its user-friendly toggle allows easy enable or disable web access – plus removal at any time should you wish for a change.

ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users will appreciate that the plugin provides an efficient workaround to internet browsing capabilities. This new feature brings the chatbot closer to AI assistants like Apple Siri while simultaneously making it a serious rival to traditional search engines. Activating this new feature requires using either the plugin or signing into their ChatGPT account and activating it through the settings and beta features menu.

3. WebChatGPT Lite

ChatGPT stands out from similar AI assistants like Google Bard or Siri by its ability to search the internet for information quickly, making it ideal for quickly researching a topic or staying current on breaking news. Unfortunately, due to being trained on only a limited set of topics by OpenAI, it cannot handle more complex prompts effectively.

WebChatGPT provides a workaround that enables you to give chatbot access to the Internet with its simple Chrome extension. It works by searching DuckDuckGo for results related to what ChatGpt is searching, then reading out these responses as ChatGPT responses. In addition, WebChatGPT also shows its actions so you can see exactly what information it was looking up online.

GPT-3.5 users and later can take advantage of this extension, without incurring additional software or plugin installations, to enhance their ChatGPT experience without installing anything extra. In fact, ChatGPT 4 also comes equipped with web browsing functionality as standard – another step closer to rival AI assistants like Siri – that should make this an invaluable feature for journalists, researchers, and others who rely on current news for work purposes.

4. WebChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus brings the web’s power and accessibility into your AI assistant experience with its Chrome extension and plugin support, searching the internet for answers to your queries before providing accurate, up-to-date results based on what it finds. Using its simple toggles, you can decide how many results should be considered before news becomes available at specific times of day or week.

ChatGPT Plus differs from its counterparts in that it requires a premium subscription fee for use. Powered by Microsoft Bing and offering instantaneous searching capabilities, ChatGPT Plus reveals any actions it is performing – such as sending your query to Bing and listing results; when your search has concluded ChatGPT Plus will show your response directly below its dropdown menu.

While ChatGPT can serve many functions, its interface may become dull over time. To add some flair, Botrush, a Chrome extension that lets users customize the ChatGPT interface can add color and font options that make ChatGPT look more engaging; making the standard UI feel less boring for those bored of its plainness. Be wary, however; Botrush allows access to the microphone of the computer.

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