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Cevio AI is a new-generation singing voice synthesis. It provides a unique experience for users of all ages. It features a wide range of activities and landscapes that will captivate visitors.

Sara (CCS) was developed by XING Inc. She is a female English vocalist capable of singing. She was canceled due to unknown reasons.

Installation Cevio AI

CeVIO Creative Studio is a vocal synthesizer software product capable of both speech and singing synthesis. It is commonly compared to other popular voice products, such as VOCALOID and UTAU.

The software is free to use and can be downloaded from the official website. Its features include the ability to edit the pitch and tone of a voice, as well as its gender factor. Additionally, it can edit the frequency of the vibrato. Other settings include fine-tuning amplitude timing, the choppiness of lyrics, and the amount of accent. It also allows the user to import MIDIs and.xml files for editing.

It can be installed on more than one computer, but you should keep in mind that it requires the serial number of each voice. You can obtain it by launching CeVIO and selecting “Herupu (H)” or “RaisesensuRen Zheng(L)” and entering the serial number. The serial number can be found on the email after the purchase or on the DVD of the package.

ALYS is a French-speaking female character developed by VoxWave and illustrated by Saphirya. She is the first VOCALOID-compatible French-speaking and singing voice. She is based on the voice of Poucet, and her synthesis technology is derived from that of Software Jump. She is currently being developed as a part of the CeVIO Creative Studio series.

License key

Cevio Creative Studio is a computer software project developed by the CeVIO AI Team. It is a voice synthesizer that can create speech and singing voices from text and melody input. It can also fine-tune voice and song parameters, such as pitch, volume, vibrato, voice quality, and timbre. This software uses the same HMM-based speech synthesis engine used by VOCALOID and other similar products.

During the installation process, you will be asked to provide a license key. You will need an internet connection to verify the license key, and you will be required to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy of CeVIO AI. Once you have done this, you can begin using the product. However, some users may need to purchase a license to access the full version of the program.

While the original free version of Cevio is still available, the full version offers a number of new features. For example, it can fine-tune the voice timbre and pitch to make it sound more natural. It also allows you to adjust the amplitude timing and gender factor of the voice. It is possible to import MIDI and XML files, as well as the ability to record a voice and save it as an MP3 file.

The current female vocals for CeVIO are Sato Sasara (Free, CCS, VS), Suzuki Tsudumi (Suzukitsudumi) (CCS, AI), ANIA (ANNA)(CSV, VS), and Kirune (Ji Liu)(CSV, VS). KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO’s Canon Immigrant series of AI singers are deliberately designed as blank slates so that fans can interpret them in any way they want in fan-created content.

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Kinzaki Koharu (Jin Xiao Xiao Chun) is a female vocalist for CeVIO Creative Studio capable of singing. She was released alongside Ginsaki Yamato on March 19, 2015. She is a counterpart to Midorizaki Kasumi. Shirosaki Yuudai (Bai Xiao You Da) is a male vocalist for CeVIO Creative Studio, capable of performing magic and singing. He was released alongside Kizaki Airi on April 23, 2015.


If you’re looking to purchase a voice bank for CeVIO AI, please note that you will need to have a compatible audio processor and a Windows-compatible sound device. Additionally, you will need to be connected to the internet for activation and updates. The software can only be installed on one computer per license.

The full version of the engine contains additional options for fine-tuning the vocals, such as pitch, pitch-bends, vibrato timing, volume and dynamics, and a gender factor. It also allows you to import MIDI’s and XML’s into the engine. In addition, the full version includes a vocoder that can adjust the timbre of the voice to make it more masculine or feminine.

(CCS, AI) – (Miroid) – (Yuri) – (Sato Sasara) – (Alys) – (Suzukitsudumi) – (Kizaki Airi) – (Dai Xiao Yudai)

The upcoming voicebanks are expected to include female characters from the CeVIO universe, along with a few new voices. Kanato Mell will be an upcoming voice for the software and will be capable of singing. She is being developed by Sony Music Entertainment Japan in collaboration with Techno-Speech. ANIA, a character that will be released for both the free and paid versions of the engine, will be capable of speaking and singing. She will be the first French VOCALOID-compatible singing voice. ALYS, the final voice bank for the software will be available in both English and French.

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