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Caktus AI is an artificial intelligence learning platform with various helpful tools and applications, such as an essay writer, math solver, coding assistant, and essay reviewer. Available on Android and iOS devices.


AI-powered learning platform

Caktus AI is an AI-powered learning platform offering various educational tools, such as an essay writer, math solver, and coding assistant. Services similar to ChatGPT may exist here, too, but Caktus AI tends to prioritize education over text generation speed; additionally, it features a code checker to detect missing semi-colons or syntax errors, which students sometimes neglect to correct themselves.

Writing aids provided by this tool help students produce high-quality essays that meet academic standards. Furthermore, its YouTube-to-essay tool transforms video content into written format – perfect for research and assignment preparation. Again, its language tutor helps learners acquire new languages; furthermore, its coding aids make understanding complex equations and codes simpler – perfect for ambitious students looking to get ahead in school.

Learning platform for both student and teacher

Caktus AI equips students with various academic tools to assist with writing, math, and problem-solving. Furthermore, its interactive learning environments in classrooms and online platforms foster interactive learning experiences for teachers and students. Furthermore, its Discussion Questions tool facilitates meaningful conversations among classmates while helping develop critical thinking abilities through thought-provoking queries that stimulate necessary thinking skills.

This AI-powered learning platform includes an essay writer, language tutor, math solver, and coding assistant – plus, it creates digital flashcards to aid with studying and remembering information! Plus, its user-friendly interface makes it incredibly straightforward and understandable!


Caktus AI provides three options, Base Plan, Pro Plan, and Yearly Plan.

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Personalized learning experience

Caktus AI combines artificial intelligence and human learning for a truly personalized learning experience for its students. The platform learns about each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles before providing tailored advice and assistance to optimize their learning process.

This tool can assist with numerous tasks, from essay writing and math problem-solving to coding. Furthermore, the platform offers tools to help students prepare for internships or job interviews by providing advice regarding cover letters and resume bullet points.

Students have two plans: a free plan and a monthly subscription plan. The free program offers 20,000 credits to produce multiple essays and math problems. At the same time, the latter provides unlimited credits and access to premium templates.

Caktus AI Easy to use

Caktus AI’s interface is simple, providing easy navigation. Its extensive tool set includes software for essay assessment and feedback and chatbots that can answer students’ inquiries.

Students can use this platform to learn languages and produce code for projects. Its language tutors are helpful when brushing up on existing skills or picking up something new.

Start today by visiting Caktus AI’s official website and signing up. Choose either monthly or yearly subscription plans with unrestricted credits and access to premium templates and features – for students regularly using Caktus AI tools, select an annual plan as the ideal starting point.


Caktus AI is an affordable platform that provides content on various subjects, including essay writing, math and science problems, coding, and more. Caktus AI helps students cite sources and avoid plagiarism through tools like an essay writer and paragraph generator; a humanized assistant mimics your style.

Although not as sophisticated as some of its competitors, this platform still produces quality content at an affordable cost. With features like its citation generator and content improver tools, creating bibliographies or essays becomes easy and accessible to you quickly and effortlessly.

Register for an account to help create content independently. Or purchase a subscription plan and continue using it indefinitely – even earn additional credits by inviting friends!

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